Our Story

While at Harvard Business School, Vanessa (born-again-sober) was disappointed by the sugary, juvenile, and—quite frankly—lame non-alcoholic drinks available in social settings.

She quickly realized she wasn't alone.

She teamed up with Mariah (lifelong teetotaler) and Nicole (sober curious) and together they  set out to create a line of elevated, better for you, craft non-alcoholic cocktails that fit the bill. 

 ​​We believe that drinking cocktails is about connecting with one another and creating community. It’s about sensory adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Because even when you’re not drinking, every moment deserves to be treasured.

Welcome to Jasper Cocktails. We're happy you're here! 

Our Team

Vanessa Royle, Co-founder & CEO

Mariah Wood, Co-founder & COO

Nicole Delany, Head of Business Operations